3 generations via Foal Auction Borculo

This year marks the 42nd auction year of Foal Auction Borculo. The auction, that once was the first in the Netherlands, therefore has a long-standing tradition in the auction trade. This assures that clients and breeders have had close ties to the auction for quite some time already. Borculo offers the platform for a great sale, while breeders provide the foals with the excellent models, good movements and performance pedigrees.

In the ’21 collection we detect some remarkable names. Whoever searches for ‘Turona’ in the collection, encounters no less than three foals. In 2012 breeder Marinus Wijlaars presented the filly Hurona, a daughter of Turona and Dorado, at the auction. Piet Buwalda seized the opportunity and bought the filly. Marino: “You go to an auction to sell, but I cannot deny that I had some regrets when I sold her. It was a very special filly for which I had high hopes.”

Impressive succession of predicates
Hurona lived up to those expectations. As a three-year-old she received 8s at the studbook inspection, eventually being declared preliminary keur. At the IBOP she stood out in a positive manner once again, yet again obtaining an overall 8. Her posture, balance, rideability and trainability were rewarded with an 8.5. In sport the mare continues to prove her talent: she is currently active in the Z2-class. This makes her an Elite Sport mare and Hurona also obtained the PROK-predicate.

This year, Hurona gave birth to a foal by For Romance. Rossini is for sale at Foal Auction Broculo. The dam of Hurona is not only represented via her daughter. The preferent and prestatie mare also has a daughter by Las Vegas in the auction: Rose of Turona. This filly was crowned champion of Brabant and that is just a preview of her talents.

Full circle
With Ruby Tuesday, we have come to a full ‘Turona-circle’. He is a colt out of a daughter of Hurona. Following a cross of Moulin Rouge and Ferdinand, Piet Buwalda bred a striking colt that matches the talents of his family. Like her dam Hurona , Moulin Rouge is an elite mare.

The dressage foals are auctioned online on August 23.