51 Grand Prix jumping horses closely related to selected foals

Never before has the show jumping foal collection at Elite Foal Auction Borculo contained so much sport up to the highest level. The fact that ‘Borculo’ traditionally aims for the highest possible standard in the selected foals and manages to substantiate this ambition time and again, makes this observation all the more special. On Wednesday 29th August, expectations will be high – and rightfully so – when the current collection of 65 well-modelled and well galloping show jumping foals will be auctioned at PSC Lichtenvoorde in Vragender.


It goes without saying that proven breeding and Grand Prix stallions are well represented on the foals’ sire side, with resounding names such as Cornet Obolensky (4x), Diamant de Semilly (4x), Harley VDL (3x), Verdi TN (3x), Casall (2x), Thunder van de Zuuthoeve (2x), Cicero van Paemel Z (2x) and Balou du Rouet. These eminences alternate with younger performance stallions at the highest level and upcoming talent such as Comme Il Faut (4x), Quabri de l’Isle (2x), Vagabond de la Pomme (2x), I’m Special de Muze (2x), Hector van de Abdijhoeve, Epleaser van ’t Heike, Cornado I, Chapeau TN and Casago.


Dam lines rich in Grand Prix genes

Though all these stallions make for quite the amount of Grand Prix genes in the collection, the bottom part of the pedigrees is especially significant here. The amount of horses competing at 1.60m level stemming from the direct dam lines is overwhelming. Many of these proven Grand Prix genes in this collection can be found in the first two generations. The dams and granddams of the foals alone have produced no less than 51 horses competing at 1.60m level. Beside that they are also a granddam of 15 other horses qualified at this level. Furthermore, many dams have still young offspring doing well in the sport already that have not yet developed to their full potential. To top it all off as much as 20 dams and granddams were or are active in the international equestrian sport, a number of them at the highest level.


Current winners

Several horses from the direct dam lines, therefore closely related to the selected foals, have already made a name for themselves. This leads to an impressive list of young talent on the rise and current winners, such as Explosion W (Ben Maher), Extra (Olivier Philippaerts), Elien (Katharina Offel), Chaplin (Martin Fuchs), Chic Hin D Hyrencourt, Q.Breitling LS (both Beezie Madden) and Zinius (Harrie Smolders). Also stemming from the direct dam lines are quite a few top stallions, for example Toulon, Arezzo VDL, Mylord Carthago and Echo van ’t Spieveld. There is no such thing as “coincidence” in this jumping foal collection, with famous matriarchs such as Elottie W, Larnike, Larthago, Ragna II, Cold As Ice Z, Fragance de Chalus, Qerly Chin de Muze, Usha van ’t Roosakker, Tequila van Spieveld and Femke P; names that make every connoisseur’s mouth water and ask for a further acquaintance with this exceptional collection of foals.


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Picture: Native Dancer (Calvaro Z x Ginus), dam First Buresco jumps already at 1.40m level, granddam U Bresco Z is qualified at 1.60m level.