Buyers also find their way to online auction

After the unparalleled success of 2020, the bar was set high for the dressage foals of Borculo. Living up to the expectations was the aim and exactly what this auction did. Thanks to an average of 13.783 euros, fierce bidding duels and customers from all over the world, the organisation looks back at a great auction night. The top seller was a daughter of top stallion Las Vegas. Rose of Turona was sold for 43.000 euros.

Dutch soil
To reach such an average in the crowded world of foal auctions remains special, starts organiser Annelou de Man. Prior to the auction, Nol Gerritsen and Wouter Plaizier received many compliments on the quality of the collection. As in the previous Early Summer Auction many Dutch buyers seized their chance in the auction. “We are always very happy with the foreign bidders, but for sport and breeding is great if they stay on Dutch soil. We are happy that we are also able to pull it off via an online auction. Because of the unpredictable corona measures we chose to organise the auction online in an early stage already. This gives more peace of mind in the organisation and allowed us to fully focus on our clients.”

Tipped favourite
It remained exciting until the end of the online auction. The champion of the Central Inspections of North-Brabant fulfilled her role as favourite. The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden all fought for her qualities. Rose of Turona was sold for 43.000 euros. The daughter of the Pavo Cup champion Las Vegas is a true talent for the future. Rossini (s.For Romance) also kept the bidders busy until the last moment. Eventually his buyers placed the winning bid of 17.000 euros.

Cheers to Roitaine O
Also the breeders of Roitaine O (s.Fontaine TN) could raise their glass to a successful auction. The foal with a beautiful model and strong movements is a true stallion prospect. For 34.000 euros he was acquired by buyers from Denmark. Offspring of the champion stallion Le Formidable are also in demand. Rain-Beau GS (26.000), Romee.Bertje van de Palsina (11.000), Richy (20.000) and Rockstar (18.000) drew attention in the auction.

Ravitano, a son of Mansion, was sold to Germany for 25.000 euros. Roatan-Fin D (s.Fürst Jazz) stole the hearts of Spanish buyers. The colt was sold for 37.000 euros. Rhytmiek van de Nethe (s.Bonds) is a remarkable filly that changes owners for 29.000 euros. These prices indicate the wide top of the auction.

Tuesday August 24, the jumper foals are up. The auction closes at 19.30hrs (CEST).