Cornet Obolensky and Verdi TN lead the jumper rankings

Over the past 15 years, no less than 761 jumper foals have been sold via Foal Auction We dove into the archives of the auction and found out which stallions were in demand and what their offspring yielded on average.

Ex aequo in first place
It may not come as a surprise that Cornet Obolensky provided many offspring in our auction. Not only in Borculo were his children in demand, his descendants soared to popularity all around the globe. 28 young Cornets went under the auction hammer in Borculo. The average price is nothing short of sensational: €17.100. His son Comme il Faut brought in another 17 offspring in the auction. Not only Cornet was a well-received sire. Verdi TN also provided 28 foals for the auction. And they also generated a great price. On average, the buyers paid €11.750 for a foal by the Olympic stallion. His top seller was Benjamin (ds. Quick Star, bred by A. Manders of Holten) that exchanged hands for €54.000. Remarkably, this happened before the heydays of Verdi’s sportcareer. Benjamin was sold in 2006.

Numero Uno
Despite what his name suggests, the legendary stallion Numero Uno is at number two in this ranking. 19 Numero Uno offspring were sold in the auction with an average of over €10.000. Another noteworthy detail is the fact that the children of Numero Uno remained popular for a long period. The collections from 2005 to 2016 included foals by Numero Uno.

Another majesty
The preferent stallion Berlin cannot be absent in this list and fortunately he isn’t. 18 children of the impressive grey were up for sale in the auction. As grandsire, we often see Voltaire the pedigrees. 39 of his daughters presented offspring in the auction at Borculo.

One of the topsellers of the last years is Marvellous-Linn (ds.Lux, bred by J. Hoppenbrouwers of Waalwijk). A son of Balou du Rouet out of the Lux-mare Olinn. For €46.000 he moved to Belgium. With two brothers at 1.60m level and a sister active at 1.50m, it is clear why this stallion was popular in Lichtenvoorde. The average price for Balou du Rouet offspring was €17.000 at the Borculo auctions.

  1. Cornet Obolensky & Verdi TN – 28 offspring
  2. Numero Uno – 19 offspring
  3. Berlin – 18 offspring