Dressage foals let Borculo-auction soar to great heights

An average of 15.100 euro ensures that the dressage auction of Foal Auction Borculo will go down as one of the most successful editions. The fact that the auction only took place online, did not discourage buyers to bid eagerly.

The auction had a grand final with top prices. The climax was Le Formidable offspring Pascoe (damsire Wynton). He was sold for a record price of 105.000 euro. The bidding war was lengthy, but eventually it was a Dutch buyer to take the win and he may add this phenomenal foal to his stables. Thousands of people from all around the globe followed the auction online.

The second most expensive foal was Paisible, a son of Kjento. He yielded 51.000 euros for his breeders and will grow up in Denmark. Also Pjento, another offspring of Kjento, earned an impressive price, he moves to Spain for 38.000 euro.

Valverde-daughter Philourava was sold to a happy bidder from Kuwait. There was substantial interest in this foal and that generated a price of 29.000 euro. Pivadorette, a strong mover by Fürst Jazz will go overseas to America for 26.500 euro. Prima Donna Utopia (by Secret) will also make that journey to the USA and brought in 23.500 euros. Mares were certainly in demand, also Paolita (by Fontaine TN) goes to Denmark for 21.000 euro.

Wouter Plaizier on behalf of the organization: “The auction has exceeded all our expectations. We knew we had a strong collection and we had drawn worldwide attention, but to be so successful with an online auction is simply fantastic. It was striking that so many bidders came from America, Spain and Denmark. However, we are happy that some quality foals also remain in the Netherlands.”