Dressage Tuesday: Jazz undisputed leading supplier Foal Auction Borculo

For Dressage Tuesday we went through the archives of Foal Auction Borculo to find out which sires made the most impact in the auction collections from 2005 onwards. Amongst the dressage foals, the Jazz-genes are the most prominent. No less than 21 Jazz-offspring have gone under the auction hammer. Gaby (ds.Fürst Heinrich, bred by Herman Seiger) was the top selling Jazz-descendant at €60.000. In 2015 the mare made the headlines once more when she passed her IBOP-test with 85 points, a year later she placed 8th in the most prestigious class of the National Mare Championships. In the meantime, Gaby is making a name in the dressage arena at subtop level. Jazz left his mark not only as a direct sire, but also as a grandsire. 80 Jazz-mares presented their foals at the auction. An unparalleled number that no other stallion comes close to. Also remarkable is the time period in which Jazz-offspring were popular: from 2006 up until 2016, his children were among the top priced foals in the auction.

Counting 19 offspring in the auction makes Charmeur the number two in this top 5. Gambo (ds.Kennedy, bred by M. Kool-van Woudenbergh) was the most expensive one at €74.000 and moved to Denmark. Furthermore, the Charmeur-foals generated no less than €18.840 on average. In 2011, foals out of his first crop was sold and Mariska (ds.Vivaldi, bred by A. Dijkstra) was the last in 2017.

In third place we find the dressage legends De Niro and Florencio, both had 16 offspring in the auction. Noteworthy is that the first De Niro-foal was auctioned in 2007, while the second was five years later in 2012. It took a while for breeders and buyers to recognize his value, but to this day the stallion is highly popular. Florencio provided an offspring to each auction from 2006 to 2016.

Top stallions Negro and Apache are each sire to 15 auctioned foals in Borculo. Negro x Krack C was a popular combination with 5 descendants and again Jazz made an impact. The combination Negro x Jazz was made three times and the pairing Apache x Jazz even seven times.

The genes of Vivaldi, Governor and For Romance convinced the breeders, selection committee and the buyers. 14 offspring of these three stallions were sold in the auction at good average prices. Over the years the supply of stallions has grown and that is reflected in the collections of Foal Auction Borculo. The last years the diversity of stallions has increased which is shown in the pedigrees of the foals.

  1. Jazz – 21 offspring
  2. Charmeur – 19 offspring
  3. De Niro & Florencio – 16 offspring
  4. Negro & Apache – 15 offspring

Vivaldi, Governor & For Romance – 14 offspring