Exclusive wild card foal by Chacco-Blue out of sister VDL Glasgow added to CSI collection

A week after the Borculo CSI Foal Auction collection’s presentation, the jumping selection committee managed to add a particularly exclusive foal to this collection by using the wild card. We are talking here about the appealing Charlie’s Talent Z, a striking colt with a mouth-watering pedigree. Sire of the foal, bred by using the ICSI technique, is the renowned Chacco-Blue. The current undisputed number 1 breeding stallion in the world passed away too soon, making his direct genes very limited available for breeding.

Full sister world-famous Sapphire

The fact stated above makes Charlie’s Talent Z already extraordinary and in this case, we also see the wonderfully bred mare On Verra van ‘t Merelsnest appear as his dam. The only five-year-old daughter of Kannan, former number 1 on the aforementioned world ranking, descends from a very strong BWP dam line. She is bred out of Wendelina van ‘t Merelsnest (s. Darco), who performed at 1.50m level. This means that On Verra is a sister to no less than nine international horses, including three approved stallions, with VDL Glasgow van ‘t Merelsnest (Jur Vrieling) being the most famous. Wendelina on her turn is a full sister to world-famous Sapphire, winner of Olympic team gold in 2004 and 2008 with American rider McLain Ward.

Auction during Jumping Schröder Tubbergen

Together with the six foals previously presented, the collection for the Borculo CSI Foal Auction’s second edition on May 24 during Jumping Schröder Tubbergen is now complete. This collection consists of foals, convincing in model and movement, and out of the direct dam lines of world-class horses such as Orient Express (Patrice Delaveau), Arrayan (Carlos Lopez/Sergio Alvarez Moya) and Liberty (Laura Kraut), and by sires such as Emerald, Comme Il Faut and Halifax van het Kluizebos. This collection, including all relevant information, can be found over here. Last year, the first edition of the Borculo CSI Foal Auction turned out to be a direct hit, with an average of € 16,000 for the exclusive collection.

Charlie’s Talent Z (Chacco-Blue x Kannan)