Extraordinary dressage foals for sale at Borculo

Every year, dressage enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the prestigious collection of Elite Foal Auction Borculo. This edition’s breathtaking selection consists of 43 extraordinary movers. Selector Wouter Plaizier says: “We have been very strict, and the result is a group of exceptional foals!” So, are you looking for a fantastic filly to enhance your breeding program? Or in search of an exclusive stallion prospect? You find your perfect match here!

The selection committee dressage is comprised of Nol Gerritsen and Wouter Plaizier. We spoke with the latter about the final collection: “It is difficult to find the truly good foals, because the exceptional foals are often already pursued by the stud owners. We have gained a reputation at Borculo and have built a network of breeders that love to come to our auction. In fact, they already make their own pre-selection and only offer us their best. Naturally, we prefer some diversity in our collection and like to see new and varied blood. However, in the end it is most important to have good foals. One of our priorities is that the dam must appeal to us as well. Both with respect to damline and her own conformation and movement. If we see an amazing foal, but we are not so keen on the dam, we do not select it. Our experience has taught us that if the dam does not meet our standards, the foal often also disappoints later on. We have been critical. The foals must be correct, must be of high quality and must have developed positively from the selection moment towards the photo- and video day. The result is an incredible collection of exceptional foals.”

Remarkable fillies
Remarkable damlines are scarce, but this collection offers the chance to secure something special for the future. Wouter Plaizier: “The So Perfect-daughter So Vienna is bred out of the Ferro-mare Vienna, the dam of KWPN stallions Four Legends and Le Formidable. This lineage also brought stallions Chagall D&R and Bretton Woods and more recently the related Ostara ST-J (s.Dream Boy) was crowned national champion of KWPN mare championships. The two So Perfect x Governor-fillies are also interesting for breeding. So Nice was bred out of a National Mare Championship finalist and So Pretty DB originates from the lineage of acclaimed breeder René Franssen. In terms of genetic diversity, it is Sunny van de Nethe that immediately catches the eye. She is bred out of a Trakehner damline and sire Bonds is producing many top sellers at foreign auctions. Victoria-Vona is another great addition to the collection. She is a daughter of the top progenitor Vitalis, whose children are drawing attention in both sport, inspections and at auctions. Besides, this filly descends from a lovely German lineage.”

Stallion prospect
This collection certainly does not lack potential candidates for the stallion shows in a few years. “As the name reveals, Sergeant Endy is bred out of the renowned damline of Huub van Helvoirt. The granddam of this foal is the full sister of the KWPN-approved Viento Uno and this damline is celebrated for the stallions Zhivago, Zuidenwind and Charmeur. This lineage is unrivalled in terms of sport, predicates, and approved stallions. Plus, this colt by Dynamic Dream possesses three great gaits and shows abundant ability to package his stride.” Another colt bred out of a damline of approved stallions is For Love. “This For Romance-son shares his origins with Vitalis, My Vitality and One-Two-Three. This colt could very well be the next in line.” Wouter also names Spotlight Texel (s.Las Vegas): “This damline has produced countless sport horses and this light-footed foal demonstrates a powerful use of the hind leg. Truly a special foal. Skyfall GS is also a foal that I like to call ‘extra’. He descends from a solid damline and is bred out of a great mare that was invited to the National Mare Championships thanks to her 85-point score for movement.” Wouter is also enthusiastic about Shemar I.K.: “This was a very young foal at the video day, but one that showed incredible moves and has a wonderful model.”


The collection is riddled with exceptional talent for sport, foals that stand out with their extraordinary moves and special bloodlines. “The two Ibiza-offspring also deserve the label ‘extra’, these foals San Antonio and Sir Ibiza march through the arena. Sir Denys van het Poeleind is another special foal. He possesses a super technique, taking after his well-moving dam. Moreover, this Fynch Hatton-foal adds some desired genetic diversity through his damline. Star of Garina is a daughter of the stallion Dimaggio Black, a stallion that represents new blood. The same can be said about Damaschino, of which we could select two foals out of the same damline. Sir Special and Sunny Boy are both great foals; lovely models, strong moves and thanks to their sires, something unique. Plus, they originate from a strong damline, last year we could also select foals out of that lineage and that is telling.Another prime example is the elastic colt Sidney Finn D, that pairs Fürst Jazz to the damline of the approved Koning.”

At the WC of Herning, the stallion Glamourdale obtained individual gold twice and that makes him ‘hot’ right now. Are you looking for an offspring of this powerhouse? The Borculo-collection offers you Sunset Texel. The first gold medal for Glamourdale was won at the WC for Young Dressage Horses. Next month, the new Grand Prix stars of the future will emerge. Kyton, Kjento, My Blue Hors Santiano and Las Vegas are a few stallions that compete for the medals in Ermelo and they are represented in this foal collection. “By the recent Pavo Cup champion My Blue Hors Santiano we have been able to select one very nice foal. Scotch Black has a super dam, a stunning elite sport IBOP mare by Dream Boy. Las Vegas is very popular right now as well and we selected four foals of his, including the magnificent mover Santana B and the filly Salsarette who is bred out of the damline of Don Juan de Hus.” Silver medalist Secret proved his influence at the Pavo Cup earlier this month, siring among others the four-year-old champion. “We got offered only one foal by Secret, but it ticks all the boxes! Sonic VDP is undoubtedly an interesting foal, elegant in every way and bred out of a mare that scored 85 for conformation and 90 for movement at the mare inspection.”

Personalized advice
Looking for tailored advice? We happily help you find your perfect match. Please contact the organisation via e-mail (info@veulenveilingborculo.nl), Social Media, or telephone/WhatsApp at 06-21293120.