Foal Auction Borculo helps you find your perfect match (dressage)

Are you searching for a foal to start or expand your breeding? Looking for a good sport horse? A stallion prospect? But are you losing sight of the overall picture because of all the foal auctions that are organised right now? We are happy to help you out! Nol Gerritsen, selector of the dressage foals, takes you by the hand and explains which foals are suited for which goal! 

“First of all, I have a very good feeling about this collection. We think it is important that all foals can move well with a powerful hind leg, so that was our first selection criterium. We have been strict and for that reason we have gathered an extraordinary collection. Only if the movements were really good, we have looked further at the damline. We think the dams themselves are also important. We like to see a beautiful mare alongside the foal.”

Fillies for breeding
Lots of the foals of this collection are talented for both sport and breeding, according to Nol Gerritsen. Nevertheless, there are always some foals that stand out. “The Taminiau x Chippendale is highly interesting for breeding. This filly descends from the lineage of Parzival, Governor and TC Athene”, the latter obtained a gold team medal and individual silver at the European Youth Championships with Jeanine Nieuwenhuis this week. “For both sport and breeding a great asset.”
“The Fürst Dior x Uphill is also intriguing. This mare has some unique bloodlines and descends from the renowned Bria-lineage.” This lineage is celebrated for the Grand Prix-horses Don Olymbrio, Voice, OO Seven and Barbria. “The Ferdaux x Tango comes out of the lineage of Huub van Helvoirt. This foal is another exceptional mover and interesting for breeding.”

“The filly of Blue Hors Zackery x Tango has the blood of Blue Hors Zack flowing through her veins. Making her another interesting broodmare prospect.”

“We have two fillies from the lineage of Olivi. These foals are also great breeding promises. The filly by Koning has a dam that is the half-sister of Olivi. The greatgranddam of the filly by Secret is the dam of Olivi. Both foals also show some strong movements.”

Unique bloodlines
Are you searching for a foal with the so-called free bloodlines? Then Nol Gerritsen advises you the following foals: “The Totilas is a very modern foal, but also the two Valverde-offspring are foals with unique bloodlines. This also makes these three stallions interesting as stallion prospects. They all move, that’s for sure. Personally, I am very fond of the Totilas-blood. I have seen this foal three times and every time he was better. It is great to see a foal develop so well.”

“One of the highlights is the Fontaine TN x Negro, he is a great mover and on top of that, well-bred.” He descends from the direct damline of Houston and features unique blood via Fontaine TN.
On the photo-/videoday he was still a bit young, but the Donier x De Niro convinces despite his age, according to Nol Gerritsen. “This stallion has completely free blood lines, is a great mover and already spiked people’s interest.” The Blue Hors Fifty Cent has an exclusive pedigree as well.

Stallion prospect
For the stallion rearing you are hunting for something special, a foal that already possesses abundant presence and power. The collection contains various eligible foals. “The Kjento out of a Bordeaux-mare is a genuine stallion prospect. An extraordinary foal from a solid damline, he descends out of the lineage of among others, approved stallion Las Vegas and Great Lady.” According to Nol Gerritsen, this foal already displays that stallion expression.

The Cum Laude also has that stallion presence written all over him. “This foal is execeptionally well-bred out of the lineage of Zhara-Obertje, Tango and Bonzanjo and is a superb mover. This makes him interesting as a potential stallion, too.”

In demand
“All the Jameson RS2-foals from this collection perfectly match the market’s demands. I expect a few of them to cross the border. They are phenomenal movers. The Jameson RS2 out of a Tuschinski-dam has an incredible canter, too. Our impression of the Jamesons is certainly good!”

“The Vivaldi x Wynton will also be in demand abroad. This foal has a lot of blood, electricity in the legs, a great hind leg and is from a renowned family.” The son of Vivaldi, Valverde, is according to Nol Gerritsen, also sought-after. He sires two foals in this collection.

“Le Formidable also produced two remarkable foals. The Le Formidable out of the Wynton-dam moves spectacularly. No doubt that this foal must grow out to be a great sport horse. The question is if he stays in the Netherlands.” That same question arises when it comes to the Blue Hors Farrel x Apache. “This foal was quite young at the photo-/video day. He descends from the lineage of the world champions Jovian and Astrix. The blood of his sire is very popular abroad.”

Sport horses
Are you looking for good sport horse? According to Nol Gerritsen, you have come to the right place! “Essentially, all foals in the collection are suited for sport and breeding. As this forms the basis of our selection standards.” A bad buy is therefore out of the question. “For sport, the Governor and Kilimanjaro are definitely a great fit. The foal by Intro K made a great impression as well. The Kjento’s are all strong movers, never having an off-day and displaying that natural ‘go’. The Kjento x Krack C standing out in his canter.” This foal is out of the lineage of Don Juan de Hus. The Fürstenball ticks all the boxes to become a talented sport horse, and the same can be said for the son of Glock’s Toto Jr.

Tailor-made advice
Would you like to receive tailor-made advice? We are more than happy to help you find your perfect match. Please contact the organisation via e-mail (, Social Media or by telephone/Whatsapp via +31(0)6-21293120.