Foal Auction Borculo realises record prices for showjumping foals

Elite auction Borculo ran the best auction ever last Wednesday-night at Equestrian Centre Lichtenvoorde. The average price of the showjumping foals in Vragender was 15,259 euro with Marvellous-Lynn (by Balou du Rouet) the most expensive foal going for 46,000 euro. “A top auction”, says the radiant chairman Jan Markink. “And the best thing was that we did not only have a real sizzler, but that the other foals also went for very good prices. The bidding was brisk. I am very proud to be chairman of this auction.”


“It turned out a rather expensive evening”, laughs Sjors van der Hoydonck, Belgium-born and now living in Limburg. He travelled to Foal Auction Borculo for the first time with only one thing in mind. He would not leave there without Marvellous-Lynn (Balou du Rouet x Lux). The bidding went fast and at the last moment the Belgian met some opposition from Jan Schuttert. The foal was knocked down for 46,000 euro.


“As soon as I saw this foal in the collection I knew that I had to get it. We have two half-sisters and on half-brother out of the same dam as this foal. The oldest is now jumping at 1.60m level. So it is an exceptionally good dam’s line”, Van der Hoydonck explains, who is working closely together with Loewie Joppen. “Hopefully we have the future in our hands with this foal”, the showjumping rider adds.

As many as 23 showjumping foals went for 15,000 euro and more, six even going for 30,000 euro and more, which has never been seen before in the Netherlands. Foal selectors Floris van Leuken and Pieter Jan Berkers, supported by foal scout Mark Oude Griep, called the results ‘beyond our expectations’. “We applied strict criteria in our selection. We were afraid they might have been too stiff, but we no longer have to be in any doubt. We had great foals and there were clients for them. Right from the start there was a positive atmosphere in the stables and during the auction. Another great thing is that this was a very transparant auction, no playing just to force the price up”, say the two men.


Already fairly early in the evening Grand Prix rider Ben Asselin invested 36,000 euro in MacGyver (Van Gogh x Ahorn). For 35,000 euro there was a buyer for Marie (Cicero Van Paemel Z x Voltaire), 34,000 euro is the price Comme Ce La Z (Comme il Faut x Chellano) went for. Mr. Vindicat W (Action Breaker x Libero H), half-brother to Vindicat W, lwas knocked down for 30,000 euro and Cassalla Verdi van de Eijkhof (Casall x Quidam de Revel), out of the full sister of Verdi TN, was sold for 30.000 euro.


Dirk Kat and Alex Postma made several breeders happy by offering great money. “The horses, they really are our great hobby. But we do have an objective; we want to see our horses at the Olympics, that is what we are doing it for”, says a determined Kat. Also host Eric Morssinkhof is now co-owner of six new foals. “We bought five together with Foal Power BV, which I run together with Hank Melse andTom Collet, and one I co-own together with Melse and Bein Westerlaan. In addition, my brothers Stefan and Rolf also bought a foal each”, he tells us.