Interesting facts and figures based on the auctioned dressage foals

During our Elite Foal Auction in August 128 foals were sold with an average price of €11,500. Half of this total, more precisely 65 foals, was bred in the dressage direction. This number of foals makes it possible to highlight some interesting information. Earlier we did this for the jumping foals and this time we focus on the dressage foals.


At our dressage foal auction there was a clear top lot. The great uphill moving Vesuvius of ‘t Zuyderbosch (by Valverde) raised no less than €81,000. Next to him several other foals were also sold for top prizes, including descendants from Desperados (€56,000), For Romance (€36,000), Franklin (€29,000) and De Niro (€27,000).


Sires and sire lines

When we first focus on the sire lines, we see that the offspring of a number of progenitors was well represented within the collection. The German D-line was particularly popular. The foals of De Niro, Desperados, Don Deluxe and Diamond Hit reached over €25,000 on average. Some of the above mentioned top sellers had their influence here of course, but if we too take into account the foals of Impression (by Don Schufro) and Just Wimphof (by De Niro), we still end up with a fabulous amount of €21,250.

This time the highest number of foals came from Vivaldi and his (grand)sons. Vivaldi himself had two offspring in the auction and with all the foals of Dream Boy, Expression, Eye Catcher, Ferdinand, In Style, Valverde and Vitalis we come up with no less than sixteen in total. On average the Vivaldi offspring scored up to €12,600.

The blood from the German F-line of Florestan I and his descendants seemed wanted too. The eight foals of Fürst Jazz, For Emotion, For Romance, Fürst Romancier and Fürstenball achieved an average of €11,400.

Remarkably enough, Totilas’ blood lagged behind expectations this year. Together with his sons Glock’s Toto Jr. and Governor he was represented by six foals in the collection that came out on €8,000 on average. It should be noted that one of the most interesting Totilas colts regretfully could not be present at the auction.


Nashville LMD (Desperados x Westpoint) sold for €56,000.



Ages of the sires

A handful of stallions was well represented by their direct offspring. From the stallions with three or more offspring in the auction Franklin (3 foals) finished at the highest average of €18,000. Behind him came For Romance (4) with €16,100 and Toto Jr. (3) with €8,800.


Furthermore it’s interesting to look at the age of the sires. We have highlighted four age categories:

1. Foals by older sires (16 years and older)

2. Foals by sires that have performed at Grand Prix level in 2018.

3. Foals by younger sires (7 to 9 years), except Expression (see category 2).

4. Foals by the youngest sires (4 to 6 years).

Category 1 includes eight foals from the sires De Niro, Rousseau, Rubin Royal (2), Totilas (2) and Vivaldi (2). They finished at €10,200 on average.

Category 2 includes the auctioned offspring by Apache, Desperados, Dream Boy (2), Expression (3) and Zonik (2). These nine foals averaged €13,100.

Category 3 covers a significantly larger number of twenty foals. These are the offspring by Blue Hors St. Schufro, Don Deluxe, Ferdeaux, Ferdinand, Eye Catcher, For Romance (4), Franklin (3), Ghandi, Toto Jr. (3), Governor, Gotcha Utopia and Quantensprung (2). Their average topped the nice amount of €12,000.

And finally the offspring of the youngest stallions, with 21 foals the largest group. The descendants of Daily Diamond, For Emotion, Fürst Jazz, High Five (2), Iconic B, Impression, In Style (2), Incognito, Indian Rock, Jerveaux (2), Just Wimphof, Marc Cain, Revolution (2), Secret (2), Valverde and Zackery brought €12,800 in the books.


Nina Fleur van de Paulinehoeve (For Romance x Jazz), auctioned at €36,000.



Most successful dam lines

When we subsequently focus on the dams and dam lines, we can highlight two interesting things:

-The foals whose direct (grand)dams have successfully performed themselves in sport (Advanced medium/3rd till Grand Prix level).

-The ten foals (of the 65) which dam lines have produced the largest number of successful sport horses (Advanced medium/3rd till Grand Prix).

With 21 foals we see a dam and/or granddam who has proven herself in the sport. These 21 achieve a wonderful average of €14,200, whereby it may be noted that the auction topper is not included in here. The latter also applies to the ten foals out of the top dam lines. These offspring of the well-known matriarchs Endy (4x), Cordola, Paerel, Corieta, Barina, Charites and Kilucienne averaged on €13,800.


Next Deniro H (De Niro x Lancet, €27,000), whose dam Randy-Star performed at Small Tour level.