Interesting facts and figures based on the auctioned jumping foals

Last season, a total of 133 jumping and dressage foals were sold at our Elite Foal Auction in August and during the JST Jumping Foal Auction in June. They managed to put an average of € 11,700 in the books. With such a number of auctioned foals, we’re able to highlight some interesting information. We first focus on the 68 auctioned jumping foals and in a following news item the dressage foals will be discussed.


Although the mentioned number of jumping foals is too small for statistical conclusion validity, it is generally large enough to observe certain trends. So what do we see at the jumping foal collection? The obvious auction topper was of course Conner de la Vie Z. This son of Cumano raised € 40,000, but is not included in any of the averages highlighted below.


Cornet Obolensky and Quabri de l’Isle

If we look at the sires that were represented by three or more offspring in the Elite Auction at Vragender and the JST Auction in Tubbergen, Cornet Obolensky scores the best. His four offspring raised an average of € 17,500. A nice second is the younger Quabri de l’Isle, with an average of € 15,000 for his three foals. If we look at the sire lines then Cornet Obolensky and his sons Comme Il Faut (5 foals) and Cornado NRW (1 foal) also reach the highest average of € 14.700, -. A second place is for Diamant de Semilly (5 foals) and his sons Dominator Z and Emerald (both 1 foal). They realise € 11.700, – as average price.


Narjolijn HRC (Cornet Obolensky x Zirocco Blue VDL), auctioned at €19,000


Older versus younger sires

It is also interesting to look at the age of the sires. We have highlighted three age categories based on the following classification:

1. Foals by older sires, classified in the top 20 of the WBFSH ranking.

2. Foals by slightly younger sires who have competed at 1.60m Grand Prix level in 2018.

3. Foals by the youngest sires (9 years and younger) who are not yet qualified at (high) international level.

We found sixteen foals under category 1. It concerns the offspring of Chacco Blue, Diamant de Semilly (5), Cornet Obolensky (4), Casall Ask, Balou du Rouet, Berlin, Calvaro Z and Thunder van de Zuuthoeve (2). They reached an average of € 14.500.

Category 2 includes the auctioned offspring of Cornado NRW, Comme Il Faut (5), Emerald, Epleaser van ‘t Heike, Hector of the Abbey Farm, Quabri de l’Isle (3), Vagabond de la Pomme (2), Vannan and Verdi (3). These eighteen foals averaged € 10.900, -.

Category 3 consists of a significantly smaller number of five foals. However, these descendants of Casago, Chapeau TN, Dominator Z, Grandorado TN and Nixon van ‘t Meulenhof realised a nice average of € 11,000.


Nashville (Quabri de l’Isle x Koriander), auctioned at €20,000 



If we move our focus more towards the dams and dam lines, we first look at the average of all foals whose direct dam and/or granddam have performed at international level. At sixteen foals we see a (grand)dam who meets this requirement and these sixteen produced an average of € 12,000.

Finally, we’ve looked at the ten foals from the dam lines with most sport horses classified from 1.30m till 1.60m level in the first four generations. These foals descend from the lines of famous mares, such as Linotte de Sohan/Femke P, Tequila van Spieveld, Usha van ‘t Roosakker, Davinia, Narcotique de Muze II/Qerly Chin, Elottie W, Harmonie, Fragance de Chalus and Walve. The added value of these proven dam lines is reflected in the average, which amounts € 13,300.


Baloulotte van de Eijkhof Z (Balou du Rouet x Elanville), bred out of Linotte de Sohan and sold for €24,000