Mackenzie Texel stays in the Netherlands for 51,000 euro

After the 47,000 euro for the most expensive showjumping foal on the Wednesday-night, Foal Auction Borculo in Vragender again realised a top price on Thursday-night. Mackenzie Texel, a grandson of the celebrated Totilas, earned the Texel breeder Wim van der Linden 51,000 euro. The best news is that the young dressage talent stays in the Netherlands with a view to the (top)sport in the future.


On day two the collection consisted of 52 dressage foals and two embryo’s that went for an average price of 13,262 euro. One year ago the average price was almost 10,000 euro.  “Like last night, also this night produced top prices. Although the prices varied a little more, we could present a very fine group of foals which were strongly appreciated by the buyers. Foal Auction Borculo has regained its leading position and I challenge all other auctions to try and beat us”, says a laughing chairman Jan Markink.


The genes of Totilas were clearly popular at the Equestrian Centre Lichtenvoorde. Auction topper Mackenzie Texel (dam’s sire Apache) descends from Totilas’ son Glock’s Toto jr., as does the foal that went for 41,000 euro, Make My Day (Glock’s Toto jr. x Apache). Two direct offspring of Totilas, Misty-Nosa (dam’s sire Ampere) and Madatschen P (dam’s sire Florencio) were knocked down for 30,000 and 27,000 euro respectively.


The German top-class rider Helen Langehanenberg had much liked to score the very last foal, Monteverdi (Vivaldi x Fürst Heinrich) but this horse will later be ridden by Grand Prix dressage rider Laurens van Lieren. His sponsor made great investments, buying a total of five top-class foals.


The dressage rider is obviously very pleased with these talents. “These foals were high on our wish list”, Laurens van Lieren tells us, who visits Borculo every year. “We always buy a few foals every year in order to stabilize good succession. This is a really great way to obtain new talents. Good 3- or 4-yr-olds are impossibly expensive or not even for sale anymore. Besides, we do not have the time to scout foals all around the country.”

Wim van der Linde and the public deeply enjoyed the bidding fight for Mackenzie Texel.  “I knew it was a good foal, but I had never expected that he would go for so much money. Eventually the bidding turned into some kind of show. Simply super!”


Jan Kooi and his girl-friend had stayed in the race up to 50,000 euro. Jan Kooi and his friend had last visited Foal Auction Borculo 25 years ago, when they bought a foal for 6,000 guilders. “That was a lot of money at the time”, so the couple believe. Now, many years later, they returned just ‘to spend a nice evening’. They bought three foals, including two by Totilas. I thought that I bought three fillies, but one of them turns out to be a colt”, he says laughing.



Afterwards, the new selectors Eugene Reesink and Nol Gerritsen and foal scout Emmy de Jeu received congratulations from all sides. “We put the auction together. We had no specific expectations, but we did know that we had travelled many, many miles to find the right foals. We did our best and put a great deal of energy in the enterprise. Many good foals stayed in the Netherlands, but quite a number of them were sold abroad, even to as far as the Arabian Emirates. When you paid good attention tonight, you could buy a very special foal for a decent price. Because some foals were intimidated by the ambiance, they did not show themselves at their best. At home they showed better movements than they did here. I am sure the buyers will be happily surprised”, the gentlemen believe.


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