New: Foal and showjumping horse auction at Jumping Schröder Tubbergen

National Elite Auction Borculo has started a co-operation with BWG Stables from the brothers Wim,
Ben and Gerco Schröder. During the international show Jumping Schröder Tubbergen an auction will be held on Friday 1 June 2018 with seven ‘Borculo foals’ and a number of talented showjumping horses from BWG Stables.


Jan Markink, chairman of Foal Auction Borculo, is pleased with this new initiative. “Borculo is constantly open for new developments. You can see it as a warming-up for the two day auction in August in Vragender. It will be a unique opportunity to show the foals to a large international public. In addition, we can now also present several showjumping foals with highly interesting breeding that were born early in the year to the buying public. We apply very high standards as we want to offer the kind of quality that can be expected from Borculo. Hopefully the breeders will also be interested.”


Wim Schröder, who until a few years ago auctioned showjumping horses via the Expo Talent Sale, is also looking forward to the co-operation. “The aim is to make Jumping Schröder Tubbergen a top-class event. This year we even feature as a three star show. An auction as we once had will be part of this. My dream is to realise all this on our own grounds. When Borculo asked us to auction foals at an early stage, things began to move rapidly. Borculo has a status of quality and class and that is why we agreed.”


After eleven editions of the Expo Talent Sale and two auctions at Jumping Amsterdam, the last in 2016, BWG Stables now prefers a limited and highly exclusive collection. “It should not become a long-winded auction. The main feature is to be a top-class show. In addition we want to offer something special. We want to auction several young horses of which we have very high expectations, but, who knows, also a good junior horse. I can not yet make any promises. They should be horses that make their buyers happy. The days in which we auctioned some twenty horses have passed. We want to provide service and a certain degree of guarantee. It may be better to sell less horses, but ensure that the right horse finds the right rider.”


Jumping Schröder Tubbergen, which also has Jeroen Dubbeldam on board, will be organised this year from 25 May to 3 June. In the weekend of 25, 26 and 27 May, we stage national jumping classes for horses and ponies and a few bixie classes. From Wednesday 30 May to Sunday 3 June the international CSI3* classes will be jumped.