New foal scout Marcel Sterrenburg supports dressage selection committee

The selection committee dressage, consisting of Nol Gerritsen and Eugène Reesink, will be assisted by a second foal scout. Since this season Marc Sterrenburg accompanies Emmy de Jeu in this role, whereas Marcel will focus mainly on the south of the Netherlands, especially on the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg.  

Together with his partner Joyce Lenaerts Marcel runs the well-known dressage stable De Beukenvallei, close to the city of Eindhoven. While Joyce is aiming for the sport, Marcel’s interest lies with training and breeding. And with success. De Beukenvallei is for example breeder (and co-owner) of the former KWPN performance test champion Iconic B (s. Bon Bravour) and several other top horses.


Uphill tendency

Some time ago 41 years old Sterrenburg was approached by the people from foal auction Borculo. He didn’t have to think long about the offer: ‘This is of course an interesting challenge. It’s fantastic to find the best foals for the auction.’

When Marcel is looking for a foal some qualities are pivotal for him: ‘For sure a powerful hind leg. And I really like a foal with an uphill tendency in trot and in canter. Beside that you want the walk to be good, although it’s not always that easy to monitor with a foal. Of course I love to see a lot of sport in the pedigree. Nevertheless you can still have a very good sport horse, when there is a bit less sport in the dam line. For breeding this is different, so with fillies it's more of importance to me.

In the meantime Sterrenburg has seen already some interesting foals. He tells: ‘It’s a true challenge to find the crème de la crème but we won’t go for anything less. We’ve set the bar high at the Borculo Foal Auction!’ 


Register your foal

Do you want to register your (dressage) foal for ‘Borculo’? Here you can find more information about it and here you can register your foal directly.