Red Viper arrived in Warendorf as Mister Unknown and departed a champion

Red Viper | Glock's Romanov x Sir Sinclair

Red Viper (GLOCK’s Romanov x Sir Sinclair) was the crowd pleaser of Warendorf last week. Obtaining a score of 8.8 points, this previously in Oldenburg approved stallion, topped the two-day-test. Eugène Reesink discovered the talent bred by family Kerbert at a young age already. An intense bidding duel at the 2019 National Elite Foal Auction Borculo came to an end when Reesink acquired the stallion for the winning bid of €56.000.

Movement and talent
“We were tipped by Pieter Jan Berkers of Stal ‘t Hofstee”, recalls owner Eugène Reesink. “He was in the jumper foal selection committee of Borculo and told me a great colt was born that would be auctioned in Borculo. We viewed this GLOCK’s Romanov x Sir Sinclair at home, prior to the auction, and were enchanted by it. It was simply a very good foal. Perhaps not the most spectacular foal, but one with three good gaits and lots of posture. Besides, he originated from a fantastic dam. Zolena ZL is a beautiful, quality mare that has proven her aptitude in sport. Plus, there are very few Romanovs left, so the pedigree was also interesting. Well-bred.”

And that’s how Red Viper met all the requirements set by Reesink when he buys a foal. Movement and talent always come first. “When the auction started, we were at the edge of our seats, ready to start bidding! And in the end, we got him!”

Breeder’s joy
The breeders, family Kerbert of Stal Zogland in Enschede, remember the auction as if it were yesterday. “That evening was brilliant! It was a wonderful night, truly fantastic”, enthuses Coen Kerbert Sr. proudly. “We knew Red Viper was a good foal, but we had never expected him to be the top seller!”

Red Viper, that was born as Oberyn Red Viper, was a remarkable foal right from the start, tells Coen Kerbert. “It was an impressive, big foal with a tremendous presence. Our foals are always born at Stal ’t Hofstee and that was certainly a good thing back then, because the mare had a difficult parturition as Red Viper was so big.”

Borculo: it runs in the family
For family Kerbert the performance of Red Viper at the National Elite Foal Auction Borculo it all came to a full circle. “We bought his dam Zolena (Sir Sinclair x Cabochon x Apollinius xx) as a foal in Borculo”, tells Coen. “Our daughter was riding a D-pony at the time, and we were looking for a nice filly for her to advance to horses later”, explains Marjo Kerbert. “In hindsight, that would not be our preferred way again!”, she quips. “We picked Zolena because of her character. We heard lots of positive stories about good characters of Sir Sinclair and the Cabochon-offspring were deemed lady horses. Christa Larmoyeur showed a Cabochon quadrille back then and the pleasant characters of those horses stood out. Zolena was a good mover and her pedigree appealed to us. Luckily, she was not the most expensive foal at the auction and the gavel fell at a price that was acceptable to us.”

Golden mare
“As a young horse, the mare already moved well and she was a joy to watch”, tells Marjo Kerbert. “And she appeared saddle broken by nature. The trainer of our daughter just put a saddle on her back and got on. She behaved exemplary!” Not much later, the mare passed the two-week EPTM test with 82 points before daughter Annarein took over the reins. “Then her great character truly emerged”, share the breeders. “Annarein was seventeen years old when they placed overall fifth in the Pavo Cup. Zolena was even the best mare of that year (2008).”

Two times, the mare participated in the World Dressage Breeding Championships for Young Horses and later she was successful at ZZ-Licht level with daughter Christien. “A textbook family horse. Zolena is very special to us. The horses are a family endeavor, and this mare has brought us all so much joy! She has a golden character and I noticed that same character in Red Viper at the stallion show of Reesink”, says Marjo Kerbert. “The fact that Jana Freund, a not so tall rider, can ride him so well, clearly reflects his dam’s character to me.”

Zolena is still with the family Kerbert and is currently in foal to Sir Donnerhall. “We hope for a filly as a successor”, concludes Coen Kerbert.

Total package
According to Eugène Reesink the stallion Red Viper has more than lived up to his expectations, the cherry on top was the incredible test in Warendorf where he was crowned champion with a top score of 8.8 points. “And out of a very select group of stallions! The champion of Westfalen was there, as well as premium stallions of Hannover and Oldenburg. He arrived as the underdog and left as the champion. He is a horse that is solid in every gait. He has lots of posture, possesses a stunning model and the most beautiful colour if you ask me. He furthermore has a superb character and is very willing. Of course, we did not know that when we bought him as a foal, but we later heard his dam has the same mentality.”

Regional product
Having added an Oldenburg license to his incredible talent, Eugène Reesink believes it is a mere formality to get Red Viper approved at other studbooks. “He first gets a holiday. He is still young and for a three-year-old he already did plenty. His summer job is standing at stud and later he returns to Bart Veeze for his sport career. Bart was equally charmed by Red Viper. He previously had his sister My Lena ZL (s.Blue Hors Zack) under saddle and he called me to say he liked Red Viper so much. Asked if he could come over sometimes to ride him. And things moved quickly from thereon. We have known Bart for a long time, he has worked for us in the past and we still work together on a regular basis. Red Viper was born in this region, Bart is close by and that’s how we turn it into a real regional product with international potential!”, concludes Eugène Reesink.