Spring vibes at Foal Auction Borculo: first auction on June 9

After a very successful auction year in 2021, the organisation of Foal Auction Borculo looks forward to the new auction season. In 2021 we were off to a flying start with the Early Summer Auction and once again, this early auction will kick off this year’s auction season. On the 9th of June, a selection of exclusive jumper and dressage foals will fall under the gavel.

Organiser Annelou de Man: “The first foals have been born and we can hardly wait to get to work on the new collection. We have close connections to breeders that have supplied our auction for years and consequently we already have a few highly interesting foals on our radar. As always, everyone can sign up their foal, we are happy to view them in a home visit. The Early Summer Auction is an online auction. By now, we gained extensive experience in that area, and we can reach buyers from all over the world.

You can sign up for the Early Summer Auction via this link.