Stallions put Borculo in the spotlight at KWPN Stallion Show

From November 26th until December 10th, the KWPN-centre in Ermelo revolved around the first-round viewing. The ‘Borculo’ stallions made quite an impression. No less than 11 stallions convinced the jury to grant them a ticket to the second-round viewing. An exceptionally high number that once again underlines the quality of the Borculo horses.

High expectations
In 2018, Nol Gerritsen, Eugène Reesink, Pieter Jan Berkers and Floris van Leuken hit the road to select the best foals for the elite auction. The average price of the auctioned foals came down to 11.490 euro, creating the first (high) expectations. Many foals were sold across the border that year, however many Dutch buyers were also successful this auction. A number of buyers of the 2018 crop presented their stallions in the first-round viewing. A record total of 11 stallions received an invite for the second round.

“This is some great advertisement for the auction! Five Borculo jumper stallions were signed up for the stallion show and no less than four were advanced to the second round. That is a compliment on the correctness and commercial bloodlines. Every year we are very strict on correctness in our selection and it is a well-known fact that the KWPN stallion committee is too. The fact that four stallions may prove themselves once more is a confirmation of the quality of the horses. Ultimately, stallions must prove themselves in sport, but it is great that the owners give them the chance to show their ability at this age already.” , says Floris van Leuken.

Breeder Jos Swinkels noticed the potential in Nashville (by Quabri de L’Isle) as a foal: “Nashville was already remarkable as a foal. A true athlete with a great character. I remember him cantering small 8-figures in the field with such ease, lead changes came so naturally to him. He still has that ease and showed it off in the first-round viewing. I stayed in touch with the owner, it is great to keep track of your breeding product in such a way.”

Commercial foal
Rom Vermunt watched Next Romancier (by Fürst Romancier) enter the arena in 2018. “A foal with a lot of presence and solid manner of movement. He was still quite young then, making him somewhat smaller than the others. Yet, I immediately recognized a highly commercial foal. He is bred with ‘free’ bloodlines and was a strong mover. Not unimportant was his dam, also a beautiful type with lots of movement. For me all reasons to purchase Next Romancier. I only present stallions for which I have high hopes and think they have a genuine shot at making it as a stallion. In my view, this Next Romancier has it all. His expressive manner of moving, low degree of kinship and top character make it a horse for the future.”

Gabrielle Röst well remembers the moment she bought Netallic together with her husband Louis. “We were by the side of the arena when he came up, I immediately told Louis I really liked this foal. After three paces in trot we were convinced. He had lots of presence, elasticity and three good gaits. And then we saw his pedigree,” chuckles Gabrielle. “The combination Franklin x Jaz would not be our first choice since both stallions are known for their sharpness. However, we were so utterly convinced by this foal that we bought him without a single doubt. The breeder handled him so well that Netallic from day one as a foal, and by now as a horse, has a super character. Exactly what we love: easy, work-willing and sharp in the good sense of the word. Tim and Nel Coomans are now co-owners and they have produced him for the stallion show. The presence, elasticity and movements we saw in him back then are still there at the age of 2.5 years. As a foal he was an exact blueprint for how he turned out to be. Tim and Nel are equally enthusiastic about him and we are curious what the future will bring us!

Bekijk hieronder alle hengsten die door zijn naar de tweede bezichtiging.

Pictures: Digishots

Stallions selected for second round viewing:


Nashville – Quabri de L’isle x KorianderBreeder Jos SwinkelsOwner R. van de Beld
Nordwaard – Zonik x FlorencioBreeder Luuk van RijnOwner Stal Leeuwenhof
Nashville LMD – Desperados x WestpointBreeder L. MartensOwner Reesink Horses
Netallic- Franklin x JazzBreeder T. TolnerOwner Tim Coomans en Louis en Gabriëlle Röst
Next Romancier – Fürst Romancier x San AmourBreeder J. en H. HulsOwner Rom Vermunt
Naranza – Ferguson x JazzBreeder J. GremmenOwner Albert Drost
Nero – In Style x OscarBreeder T. HassinkOwner Reesink Horses
Navarro – GLOCK’s Toto Jr. x FlemminghBreeder M. GlaserOwner Dutch Spirit Horses
Sirocco Optimus – Nixon van ’t Meulenhof x Quick StarBreeder Optimus AgroOwner M. Blom
Dubai – Diamant de Semilly x Tangelo van de ZuuthoeveBreeder Marcel BorgerOwner C. Overmaat en A. Postma
Number One – Diamant de Semilly x HeartbreakerBreeder G. van de WinkelOwner: Sjaak Sleiderink, Bas Westerhof & Harry Kuipers