The success of Foal Auction Borculo

In the article ‘ Foal auctions are moving up’ in In de Strengen number 20 of 27 October 2017 the success of Foal Auction Borculo was referred to. “Foal Auction Borculo turned out to be this year’s most successful auction with an increase of the average price of as much as 33.5%.”


IDS studied the auction results and –collections. More of the article is quoted here below: Foal Auction Borculo and Prinsjesdag Foal Auction have been considered for years as the elite auctions of the Netherlands and also this year lived up to expectations. Especially the success of Borculo as compared to 2016 can be called remarkable. The average price for both the showjumping and the dressage foal auctions – which since last year cover two days – increased by more than 3,500 euro, realising a growth of as much as 33.5 percent.


“Several factors have played a role here”, chairman Jan Markink explains. “As for the selection, we have put even more effort in getting the very best foals and finding the right buyers for them. Especially with the showjumping foals you notice how proven stallions from proven lines are popular, whereas for the dressage movements are still the crucial factor.”


Of the showjumping and dressage foal auctions it was Foal Auction Borculo that scored the highest average with 14,279 euro. Both in the dressage and showjumping foals the best items went for top amounts; 51,000 euro and 46,000 euro, respectively.


Last year a switch was made from the outdoor ring in Borculo to the indoor hall at Equestrian Centre Lichtenvoorde in Vragender. “That was a big step for the auction, but you should stick to tradition for only so long. This year we have made the necessary improvements, especially where the atmosphere is concerned, which made it a more friendly and genial occasion. The ring was a little smaller this year, the tables were set closer to the ring and there were more tables, anyway. It was especially appreciated that the stables were under the same roof, which was more inviting for the public to go and see the foals in their stables.”


In spite of the success one is already planning ahead for next year’s auction. “We closely monitor the newest trends in the market; you have to stay sharp. In horse keeping, – breeding and – trade innovation is always an important aspect, so we will have to innovate every year again. The work is never done and also for next year we will introduce improvements and changes”, Markink concludes.