Unique addition to the collection

This edition proves yet again that Foal Auction Borculo always offers something special for sale. Today we added an exclusive straw of frozen semen by a world-class stallion: Donnerhall. The legendary stallion competed at the highest level himself, but nowadays we know him primarily for his (grand)children. His impact on modern dressage breeding can still be felt every day.

He produced an impressive number of approved stallions, including leading sires such as De Niro, Don Schufro and Damon Hill. In 2011, there were 988 of his offspring active in sport, together collecting a total prize sum of over 2 million euro. His blood also flows through the veins of Sir Donnerhall, Desperados FRH, Glock’s Toto Jr and Vitalis. In short, a stallion that is unrivaled in breeding. As of today, a straw was added to the collection of Foal Auction Borculo. It will be auctioned on August 23. The straw is free for ICSI. Read more here.