Wanted: exclusive foals and embryos for the Borculo Online Foal Auction!

Breeders can now register their foal or embryo for the Borculo Online Foal Auction! This auction’s first edition will run from Friday, April 26 until Monday, April 29. During this period the auction can be followed via www.foalauctionborculo.com. A total of ten exclusive jumping and dressage foals and embryos will come under the virtual auction hammer.

Our selection committee, which will secure the high Borculo standard, focuses on interesting foals born in the period January till March and on genetically high-quality embryos. In general the early born foals are too old in August to select for our Elite Auction. An additional advantage of the Borculo Online Foal Auction is that a breeder doesn’t need to be present at an auction venue with his mare and foal. There is also no registration fee of € 400 and a breeder only needs to attend the photo and video day with his mare and foal on Monday, April 8.

Some other important conditions that will apply to the Borculo Online Foal Auction are:

  • Bidding starts at an amount of € 5,000.
  • The bid increments are equal to those at our physical auction.
  • If bids are received within the last 5 minutes of a running auction, an additional 5 minutes will be added to that lot. When a 5 minute period passes with no additional bidding, the auction of a foal/embryo will close.
  • The auction costs that have to paid follow the same scale as the physical auction.

Do you have a foal or an embryo that meets our high standards and do you want to contribute to the first Borculo Online Auction’s success? Please register your foal now via this link! If you need more information, please contact us.