Wim Schröder about the Borculo JST Foal Auction: ‘A very good concept with highly qualitative foals’

The Borculo JST Foal Auction is a new auction concept under the umbrella of the Elite Foal Auction Borculo and has been realised in cooperation with the organisation of the CSI3* Jumping Schröder Tubbergen. Wim Schröder, together with his brothers Ben and Gerco founder of this international show in the backyard of their BWG Stables, talks about his expectations of the auction on June 1: ‘I think this is a very good concept, something that we already have seen in Germany. For sure we have a lot of international riders at our show and with them other people and sponsors that are always looking out for something interesting. Often young horses but that can also be foals. Since these foals are earlier born it’s less interesting to present and to auction them towards Fall. And that would be a pity as these are highly qualitative foals. So the date of our show suits fine here. An auction like this is also appealing for the public and brings sport and breeding where they belong: next to each other.’


‘Borculo stands for quality’

The collection has been composed by the Borculo jumping selection committee and looks very promising, acknowledges Schröder too. ‘All of the six foals are interestingly bred out of proven dam lines. Looked at it from the father’s side we also see wanted and popular blood. All these sires have proven themselves clearly at the highest level. Something you need to have nowadays. For the exposure of our show it’s essential that we have the best quality. That’s why we wanted to cooperate with the Borculo Foal Auction. Borculo stands for quality and a remarkable amount of former Borculo foals have been able to break through successfully. If we had not been able to work together with quality, there wouldn’t have been any surplus value.’


More information about the Borculo JST Foal Auction can be found here.