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Catalog, tickets & vip-arrangements


These tickets give acces to the auctionground and a seat on the grandstand. Tickets are available at the cash register at € 7,50 per person. 



Be optimally prepared for the auction and order the catalog. The catalog will be send to you mid August. 



Do something special with your parner, family of businessrelations and book a VIP-package at the Elite Auction Borculo. This is really something special:  with the best foals, a fantastic atmosphere and great catering. Take your relations with you and taste Borculo!

The VIP-arrangement includes the reception of you and your guests, lunch, snacks and drinks during the presentation of the foals and the auction. Afterwards there's an extensive dinerbuffet. It's also possible to book the vip-package without the dinerbuffet.


For more information, mail to info@veulenveilingborculo.nl or fill in the form below.


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